WEROPE is strictly focused on the future of Europe and it wants to highlight the need for more effective actions leaned in particular towards the problem of poverty that affects some European Countries. This problem affects many young people and it is due to economic crisis together with negative propaganda caused by lack of solidarity among the Countries. The Project’s aim is to highlight the threat for European society and to create a confrontation environment where there will be the opportunity to discuss the best practices to adopt and where recommendations, opinions and ideas could be gathered. 

We want to rope all the European Citizens together.

The activities that will be foreseen by the Project are leaned towards a spread of know-how over strategies to prevent economical and consequent cultural deprivation and to encourage solidarity actions, such as volunteering and creation of association or organisations.

The focus will also be based on the importance of EU and its policies in times of crisis.


– Cultural and educational activities for young people promoted through practices discussed during WEROPE.

– Focus on the solidarity tissue at EU level to reach equal opportunities in the society and growth for the young people compromised by social and economic crisis. 

– Gathering innovative ideas for the sensibilisation of the communities.

-Promote Solidarity actions, volunteering and youth work at European Level.

-Construction of counter-narratives against racism against the poor and deprivation of solidarity;

-Foster the knowledge about EU policymaking process


1 Preaparatory Meeting in each involved Coutry

1 International Workshop in Košice (Slovakia) – April 30th – May 6th 2022

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